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What is Currency? definition and meaning


Any form of money that is in public circulation. Currency includes both hard money (coins) and soft money (paper money). Typically currency refers to money that is legally designated as such by the governing body, but in some cultures currency can refer to any object that has a perceived value and can be exchanged for other objects.

Use currency in a sentence

The US dollar's recent currency valuation is causing concern among many economists because of the impact that a stronger dollar will have on the country's exports.

  I am concerned that on my trip to Dubai I will have trouble changing out my American dollars for their currency. In fact I am not one hundred percent sure I know the value of our currency vs. theirs.

  When I traveled to Europe, the Euro was at an all-time low so I decided to take advantage of the low value of their currency and was able to buy expensive handbags at a discount.

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